News - 29.11.2017

FONK 50 Best Agency of the Netherlands

For the third year in a row, The Valley was highly ranked in the Fonk 50 best agencies in the Netherlands. A great achievement that we accomplished together with our employees.

The 2019 FONK50, which is published by industry magazine FONK, includes the best 50 agencies in the Netherlands. Every year, market research agency Multiscope conducts a customer satisfaction survey among the clients of all participating agencies. In the full service large category, The Valley customers were interviewed on 13 different topics (a.o. creativity, proactiveness, effectiveness, business senese, etc.). Based on the results of these subjects, we entered the top four of all agencies in the full service category. A great performance and a step forward compared to our position in 2018.

Our gratitude goes to all our customers who have cooperated in the satisfaction survey of FONK. We are very happy again with the appreciation and compliments of our clients. We are honored to hold this position in the market!

In addition to the research results, this 25th edition of the RED Alert also includes presentations from the agencies within our industry.

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