News - 01.03.2015

New brand campaign for Sultana

In the past few months, Sultana and The Valley have collaborated on a new brand campaign. The goal of the new campaign is to give the brand Sultana a more emotional value. With a new commercial for the famous FruitBiscuits, the new pay-off for Sultana is introduced: “Feel happy”.

“Feel happy” demonstrates the optimism of the brand Sultana, and at the same time it’s a translation of the emotional product benefit. The new commercial is the first statement in which Sultana substantiates the “Feel happy” slogan. Later this year, (online) activations and campaigns for new Sultana products will follow.

Fabian van Schie, head of marketing at United Biscuits Netherlands, is enthusiastic about the possibilities that the new brand campaign will bring: “With the new campaign we want to give the Sultana brand a more emotional value. Sometime in the coming year we will, through campaigns for two product introductions, we will substantiate this philosophy even further.”

Krijn Smits, creative director at The Valley: “’Feel happy’ is exactly the kind of emotion Sultana wishes to bring across with its products; your hunger disappears and because of that you can look at things positively again. Of course, Sultana will not change your life, but it will ensure that you view the glass as half full again. We believe we have captured this feeling with “Feel happy”. 

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