News - 07.03.2016

This is the focus of our new campaign for Hertog Jan

Who are the brewers at Hertog Jan, and what do they really do in that beautiful white brewery on the River Maas?

The brewers we know from the Hertog Jan commercials are not fictional characters. They really exist, and so does the brewery where they apply their own special expertise to brew beers – in traditional copper kettles – that meet their standards of perfection. This reliance on tradition forms the basis for Hertog Jan’s new campaign that carries on from where the previous campaign left off.

The commercials present the brewers at work in their small-scaled brewery. During their busy day, the viewer gets to know each of them by name. At the end of their day, the brewers get together to enjoy the fruits of their labour: their own beer.

Online, their story goes even further. Here, at the completely revised website, both the brewers and their beers are in the spotlight. This is where beer connoisseurs can discover everything about beer: the different types of beer, the brewing process and also beer culture in general. As always, it all comes down to the truth about Hertog Jan: it’s all done ‘For the love of beer’. In addition to the commercials and the website, the campaign also includes pre-rolls, print, Facebook posts and advertorials.

The design for new Hertog Jan website was developed in collaboration with SiteSupport. The commercials were produced by Chuck Productions.

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