News - 18.04.2016

The Valley and Royal IHC launch a new website

The Valley worked with Royal IHC on its new website. With this new website, IHC promotes itself as the ultimate innovator in the engineering and production of vessels, equipment and services for dredging, mining and offshore construction activities.

In IHC's rich history as a shipbuilder, innovation has always been a top priority. What sets this company apart from its competitors is not so much its vessels as the advanced technological applications on board. IHC also develops technological applications – for both deep-sea and terrestrial uses – according to the specifications required by the offshore, dredging and mining industries. This makes the company an indispensable link in the chain of new energy and land reclamation.


Time to give IHC's knowledge and expertise a worthy platform. Due to an outstanding cooperation in content co-creation, we have made a worthy flagship.


Gerben Busch, Client Service Director at The Valley: 'Dutch maritime tradition deserves a royal showcase worthy of its rich history. With larger-than-life photography and video material, visitors almost feel part of the scene. We also display the experience behind the vast IHC portfolio of products and services. This makes the website an inspiring gateway to the e-commerce platform previously developed by The Valley.'

Kitty de Hey, Strategy & Communications Director, IHC: 'Our new website is a magnificent showcase that does a fantastic job in promoting our strong commitment to innovation. It's also a great gateway to our extensive portfolio of maritime solutions. The Valley has proven itself an innovative agency capable of interpreting our strategy into a compelling IHC experience. And an agency that can support us in the continued development of our digital strategy.'

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