A concept is a bridge between you and the people you're trying to engage. One side of that bridge has your business strategy, the brand, and the communication or interaction objectives. On the other side of the bridge are the desires, needs and culture of the people listening, watching or interacting with you.

Areas of concepting

At the Valley, our concepting focuses on Exposure to your communication and the Experience of your services. In communication Exposure, our creatives help you shape a message that will stick in the mind through overarching ideas down to the smallest slices of storytelling. Here concepts drive awareness and excitement, inciting a next step from the audience. 

Often that next step is Experience, where the role of concept changes, delivering experiences that back up the promises made in communication. Flows and functionality combine with visual communication to create new behaviours or facilitate effortless processes.

Shared traits

Where the two overlap is that both must further business objectives while shaping the memory structure that is the brand. And both are created through close collaboration with you and your team. This approach ensures confidence in the solutions and the freedom to be ambitious in execution.