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The renowned Hertog Jan brewery from Arcen is shaking up the Pilsener category with its premium offering, Grand Pilsener. The Valley is responsible for the launching campaign. 

While Hertog Jan is well-known for its traditional Pilsener, it has also gained praise for its speciality beers such as Grand Prestige and Vatgerijpt. Over the past year, the brewers have been experimenting in their creative playground, De Proeftuin, which led them to craft a new Pilsener inspired by a Vienna Lager. The success of this lager revealed that beer lovers are eager for more variety within the Pilsener segment, just as they enjoy diverse flavors in specialty beers. Guided by Master Brewer Micha Peute, the idea for Grand Pilsener was born.

Master Brewer Micha Peute shares, "Allowing the beer to age longer enhances its depth and pronounced aromas. It's an accessible beer that adds that extra touch to everyday moments."

Extra Lagering Time 
'Time' takes the spotlight as the most important ingredient in Grand Pilsener. The brewers achieved a rich, full-bodied flavour that showcases their craftsmanship by prolonging the ageing process. It's a beer worth waiting for that invites you to savor it a little longer.

"The Pilsener segment is even more diverse than we often realize. With Grand Pilsener, the brewers demonstrate how craftsmanship, time, and love for beer can make a Pilsener even more exceptional. We proudly present this beer alongside Hertog Jan's current Premium Pilsener," says Gijs ten Buuren, Strategy Director at The Valley.

Time also takes centre stage in the launch campaign. In a world that moves swiftly and keeps everyone constantly busy, we want to champion the value of doing nothing. Because, despite often forgetting, taking the time for something is often incredibly valuable. The brewers understand this better than anyone. With their expertise and passion for beer, they know precisely when to take a break. The longer you wait for something, the greater the satisfaction. To emphasize the power of time, we couldn't help but bring back an old favourite: 'Time is on my side.'

Hertog Jan: Micha Peute, Caroline Klaassen, Britt Verbaenen, Adriaan Bos, Laura Salway, Bart van de Vliert

The Valley: Michelle Quekel, Vincent Rang (Creative), Sarah Brueckner (Design), Sheldon Bont (Creative Director), Gijs ten Buuren (Strategy), Wouter Koot (Account) 

Bonkers United: Bram Schouw (Director), Daan Bukman (DOP), Jan Jinek (Producer), Saskia Kok (Producer), Marvin Said Schoemaker (Video Editor), Joppo in de Grot (Post-Production), Feike de Wit (Sound Design)

PR: Hagens: Jelle de Wal, Sid de Koning, Lotte Bergmans, Karen van der Kruit, Shana Kopp, Sinead Maduro, Julia Grijspaardt

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