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Looking for specific skills to support your team? The Valley can provide specialists who integrate seamlessly into your organization and work On-Premise or remotely for a short or extended period.

The Valley On-Premise

Our On-Premise services facilitate your team with the right specialists to fill urgent or long-term gaps within your team. Gain insight into the benefits and how we can effectively support your business.

Offered Disciplines

The Benefits

Ultimate flexibility

With the flexibility of our On-Premise services, the capacity of your team can be easily scaled up or down.

Rapid deployment

Gain quick access to skilled candidates, with our specialists delivering immediate contributions to your team.


If additional expertise is needed or if the specialist isn't available for an extended period, we arrange a seamless transition to another professional.

The perfect match

We match beyond CVs and hard skills, fostering sustainable relationships between companies and professionals.

New perspectives

Colleagues On-Premises stay in close touch with each other to gain fresh perspectives on addressing your challenges.


When a perfect match occurs, clients and specialists may want to work together permanently. We prioritize our colleagues' growth and will support this.

Colleagues worked On-Premises at:

Focus on the right fit and competences

As part of Assist Digital, a leading CX agency in Europe, The Valley has access to over 6,000 skilled professionals at various career stages. Furthermore, with our extensive experience in the field of in-housing, we ensure that only professionals with the right fit and competencies join your team or tribe.

Our Approach

On-Premise Disciplines

Our On-Premise disciplines comprise a diverse array of professionals, each capable of integrating into your team seamlessly.

Our Offering

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