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Frontend development

When it comes to building digital environments it’s extremely important that design and development go hand in hand. A great design is only possible if it can actually work, and a fully functional tool is only a success if the user experience is pleasant. So how do you make sure all the cogs in the wheel run smoothly? And where does a project begin?

Developers or designers?

In The Valley we consider Frontend as part of the creative process. Our developers don’t simply execute designs that have been pre-decided on by our UX or visual designers, but take an active role in the concepting process in order to make sure that every design is achievable and functional. They are at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and know exactly what will work and how. They are a crucial piece in the puzzle that is the final product. By incorporating our Frontend team from the beginning, we ensure that decisions are made as a team with all the knowledge to make the best choices for our clients.

Rules are meant to be broken. But not these ones.

Once a project has been delivered, our developers often stay involved in order to service. In order to make sure we can easily pick up where another has left off, we stick to consistent conventions. This way, we can promise you that we won’t waste resources or time. Besides our conventions, we also function within four important pillars when it comes to development


We create components, rather than templates, to maximize flexibility.


We build every component with efficiency in mind, so that we never have to develop the same component twice.


We create solutions that can cater to any amount of variables, whether it’s visual or programmatic.


We only run assets when needed, and only run code when applicable

Fully Agile

Our teams work fully agile, which means that we take a different approach than other agencies when tackling a project. Instead of working with a fixed chain of command, we look at every ticket individually and decide which team needs to be in the lead. For example; if we need to add a certain functionality in an app, Backend would take the lead, from which Frontend and UX can decide on the best way to optimize the experience. If we need to restructure an overview page, design would take the lead. By approaching a task from all sides, we make sure that the most important aspects of the solution are prioritized at all times.

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Philip Kok (CEO)


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