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The Valley is an extraordinary place full of inspiring people that you won’t find anywhere else.

About us?
We’d like to start talking about you!

We’d love to hear more about you. Maybe you like to work at a progressive and leading agency. The Valley is an extraordinary place full of inspiring people that you won’t find anywhere else. Check out our current vacancies and come over for a coffee to share more about you!

Or are you pushing to transform your company and realize its full (CX) potential? In that case, we love to help with new ideas, technologies and partners to guide you to the right path in CX transformation. Together we can discover where your current CX stands and work towards a seamless brand experience to grow performance and loyalty. 

If this appeals to you, we might be the right partner to start an exciting journey of CX evolvement that will position your brand right where it belongs.

Our principles

The way we love working with our colleagues and clients? Our core principles:


From small optimizations to great shifts, all change is transformative. it must guided, through competency, to value.


Only through a deep understanding of what inspires and motivates people, can you lend them your skills to reach a shared ambition.


Creating impact that really matters takes effort, you need to care enough to see it through.


The journey from diverse influence to unified vision is true advancement. We have to walk it together.

Pragmatic idealism

Ambition can not be conceived without idealism, pragmatic steps ensures ambitions are realized.


Fear of a challenge or opportunity blocks ownership of them. We fully embrace them with a long breath and enthusiasm.

Our story

In The Valley, our specialists work together on best-in-class experiences for all touchpoints in the customer journey. We guide our clients to unify their customer experience (CX). We deliver consultancy and agency services focusing on execution power and makership. Our design approach helps align products and services into a unified customer experience framework that will shape efficiency, grow the business and customer satisfaction. Our team comprises about 80 amazingly talented people, and we have been around for nearly two decades.

Emerce100 2022
We got named the number 1 Digital Agency by Emerce 2022. How did we get to #1? Visit our website and our beautiful office in Amsterdam Overamstel to see and feel it. The coffee is hot, and we cannot wait to meet you and hear about your (digital) business challenges.

Part of Assist Digital
Since July 2022 The Valley has been part of Assist Digital, a  Pan-European Digital Customer Experience (CEX) company originated in Italy. The company is represented in 22 countries and orchestrates creativity, data, technology and processes to improve customer engagement and retention. Blending human and artificial intelligence, they can create value from every single contact. For more insights, have a look at the Assist Digital website.


Like to join or work with us? Let's talk!

Philip Kok (CEO)


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