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EMERCE 100 is published every April. This year marks the twelfth time The Valley is listed in the Emerce100.

The Emerce100 is a recurring research conducted by Motivaction. The research covers five areas: Agencies, E-business services, Media & Advertising, Software and Venture. Within these main groups, the research breaks down by type of service provider.

Emerce100 gives insight into the main players in the market. The list includes the best performing service providers in the e-business and marketing industry. The research is conducted among relevant advertisers and other stakeholders. The 100 best e-business suppliers were chosen from 868 companies in terms of know-how, price, quality and reliability of service.

Of course we are proud to be in the Emerce100 for the twelfth time again. It is primarily a recognition of the unwavering commitment of our people, who strive hard every year to make the best work for our clients. The agency industry is a very competitive market, since there are more than ten thousand communication agencies in Amsterdam only.

It is therefore a tough challenge every year to keep the competitive advantage. Philip Kok (CEO The Valley): "Over the past twelve years, we have built a reputation as an agency that is constantly adapting to market trends and the needs of our clients. We will continue to be relevant to our current and future clients, by staying ahead of the curve and aligning our agency proposition and services accordingly." The current Total Brand approach has brought The Valley many new clients in the past two years, such as De Bijenkorf, HG, Quin, KPN, FC Utrecht and Van Gogh Museum. These clients understand that building a strong brand works especially well if you rely on a strategic approach for the brand. As a leading partner we helped these clients with an integrated total brand approach, so that we could take their their brand to the next level. And of course we included their business objectives in our plans, because we believe that marketing nowadays can't exist without a performance based approach.