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AirPop Building a digital flagship store for world-class air wearables

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Before the pandemic, lockdowns and starved social contact, there was a need for protection from particulates. Smog, pollen, and pathogens were a concern most people were aware of but did little about. This under-addressed need has led to the world’s first air wearable specifically designed for active lifestyles by AirPop. With strong visual representation, the need is for an online experience that matches the product’s ambition and innovation.

The start of a partnership with North Star

We created a North Star to bring the vision to life with a focus on driving conversion with a vision focusing on solid e-commerce conversion and brand storytelling inspired by titan fashion brands such as Nike.

To peak interest with potential customers, consumers need to see relevance and value in using AirPop's premium products in their day-to-day life. How can we ensure world-class air wearables are not just nice-to-have, but a lifestyle must? Based on that specific insight we’ve set the overarching brand experience goal:

AirPop, world-class air wearables designed for my life. Ultra-high-performance products which help me perform better, feel better, and breathe better.

We needed to analyse and clean up user journeys to create an experience that echoes Airpop’s unrivalled breathing experience:

  1. A need-based orientation based on lifestyle
    Making sure to educate visitors and relate their lifestyle to the most suitable mask options, product benefits are highlighted with high-end visuals to make them relatable, and ‘education’ digestible. Also, visitors walk through a quick and easy mask orientation based on just a few questions, even when they’re on the go.

  2. An informed product selection and E-commerce experience
    Once the visitor has reached the most optimal mask for their lifestyle, layering product and innovation storylines will keep them on the conversion journey. In the virtual fitting room, the mask can actually be tried on digitally and with a digital tailoring moment, they get the final confirmation that the choice suits all needs perfectly. With rich storytelling showing a city's active lifestyle including shoppable visuals throughout the journey, buyers get an everyday feeling of why this product fits perfectly into their lives.

Beyond the platform

When you ask us to look at your website's conversion, we will always look at it through the lens of the brand. Because the brand drives every interaction with the customer. The desire to be an innovative fashion brand feeds into every campaign's (digital) touchpoints. We developed several concepts such as logo variations, campaign and app visuals. 

An innovative healthy lifestyle e-commerce platform

Leading the visitor through every step of the journey

Driving experience beyond the website

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Philip Kok (CEO)


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