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AkzoNobel Collaborative journey with The Valley

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Orchestrating a global CX revolution: Embark on a transformative expedition as we uncover the monumental collaboration between AkzoNobel and The Valley, where a team of 17 exceptional UX/VD/UI/FE specialists converged to shape a global Customer Experience (CX) revolution. This case study delves into the remarkable journey that redefined AkzoNobel's digital landscape, placing CX at the forefront of their strategy.

The Challenge

AkzoNobel faced the audacious challenge of enhancing its global digital presence to foster meaningful connections with customers. The objective was to seamlessly align its diverse brand portfolio while ensuring an exceptional and consistent CX across regions.


In partnership with The Valley, AkzoNobel orchestrated a meticulously planned CX-focused strategy that spanned continents and disciplines. The collaboration included the following strategic components:

  • Unified Digital Ecosystem: Recognizing the significance of coherence, AkzoNobel and The Valley designed a unified digital ecosystem that showcased the brand's diverse portfolio while ensuring a seamless transition between different brands and products.
  • Customer-Centric Design: By leveraging the expertise of UX, VD, UI, and FE specialists, the collaboration meticulously crafted customer-centric designs that resonated with diverse target audiences, enhancing engagement and interaction.
  • Global Consistency: The joint effort focused on maintaining a consistent CX across different geographies, ensuring that customers experienced the brand's essence irrespective of their location.
  • Data-Driven Iterations: The collaboration integrated data analytics to continuously fine-tune the digital experiences, ensuring that customer feedback and behavior guided ongoing refinements.


The collaborative transformation required unprecedented coordination across a multidisciplinary team, international time zones, and technological intricacies. The Valley's expertise harmonized with AkzoNobel's digital team, forming a symbiotic alliance that embraced constant iteration and improvement.


AkzoNobel's dedication to a CX-focused approach through collaboration with The Valley yielded remarkable results:

  1. Enhanced Customer Engagement: The refined digital experiences led to a surge in customer engagement, as visitors seamlessly navigated the unified digital ecosystem.
  2. Amplified Brand Cohesion: The collaboration achieved the monumental feat of aligning diverse brand identities under a unified digital umbrella, amplifying brand cohesion and recognition.
  3. Global Recognition: AkzoNobel's renewed digital presence garnered global recognition and accolades, setting new standards for CX in the industry.
  4. Business Growth: The improved CX translated into tangible business growth, with increased user conversions and customer retention.

The AkzoNobel and The Valley partnership exemplifies the extraordinary potential of a CX-driven collaboration. By synergizing their expertise, the teams not only reshaped AkzoNobel's digital identity but also laid the foundation for an enduring commitment to customer-centric excellence. In an era where customer experiences define brand loyalty, the AkzoNobel case stands as a testament to the remarkable achievements that can be unlocked when CX becomes a core philosophy, embraced collectively across borders and disciplines.