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AkzoNobel A solid international CX strategy for all digital touchpoints

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AkzoNobel is the world's largest paint and coatings company, with leading market positions and brands in countries all over the world. AkzoNobel’s ecosystem of brands, markets, touchpoints, and different domains is becoming increasingly complex, making it more challenging to provide customers with a consistent user experience. AkzoNobel has therefore planned to take on a digital CX transformation journey and partnered up with the Valley.

A consistent experience across many international brands

Together we created a strategy focused on 2 main pillars: 
1. synergy among various channels for a seamless customer experience (per brand across domains)
2. create efficiency by leveraging leading brands as a blueprint for other brands within the portfolio.

In short, our goal:
“Develop a unified UX/UI strategy that optimises touchpoints and creates synergy between channels, so all individual brands can efficiently offer a delightful customer experience across domains.”

One universal CX journey with unified components

The approach entails the following:

  • Discovery Sprints to set up a UX/UI Strategy for AkzoNobel’s
    customer experience on identified brands
  • Advisory reports for further development
  • Development of a design system and UX component library

    A state-of-the-art digital environment where the design system is worked out for all domains within the customer journey. A universal library offers AkzoNobel more consistency in touchpoints and ensures the desired economy of scale. The ready-to-use components facilitate the creation of a delightful customer experience, speed up onboarding new brands to global platforms at a lower cost and reduce the complexity in existing channels.

    In other words, a universal library offers AkzoNobel long-term UX value for the company.

Global transformation for all digital domains

From a project-led approach we ultimately facilitated a digital transformation with the creation of new multi-brand experiences. Supporting AkzoNobel clients and customers globally in all things paint. Every day, the digital tools we create help people and professionals in more than 50 countries rapidly find the right products and relevant information. Whether they are preparing for a hefty commercial project or just looking to redo the bedroom wall. By standardising assets and components, approximately 60% of all individual brands within the AkzoNobel portfolio are served by the same UX and UI system.