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Daikin Netherlands Launching a best-in-class customer experience (CX) platform for homeowners that seek an ideal climate

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We transformed b2c customer experience for Daikin Netherlands by launching the Woonscan. A digital platform that helps consumers in their first step towards creating a comfortable home by providing tailor-made advice from the Daikin experts.

Daikin is the market leader in high-quality climate solutions for the b2b market, specializing in air-conditioning and heat pumps. As a result of the changing climate and European energy transition, Daikin’s ambition is to become a top 3 player in the b2c market. Consumer demand has increased significantly. However, end-users are less familiar with the endless and seemingly complex product options. The challenge: how to convey to consumers the possibilities of tailor-made home solutions, based on the wide range of products, whilst simultaneously making sure the installers’ needs are also met.

Expert knowledge made digitally accessible

To tackle the above mentioned challenge, a number of agile projects were implemented.

The everyday luxury of an ideal climate in your home
A strong brand foundation is the basis of a recognizable brand, both in terms of content and design. Therefore, the brand position for the consumer market was defined using our Brand Focus methodology. The collaborative approach resulted in the overarching brand ideal: The everyday luxury of an ideal climate in your home (De alledaagse luxe van een vertrouwd leefklimaat). A positioning that is built on Daikin’s 100 years of experience, embracing a healthy product expression and the value of personalized solutions. 

A win-win for the consumer and installer
With the brand strategy as a starting point, we designed the future of the digital b2c experience; how can we make the Daikin expert knowledge accessible for consumers when looking for a climate solution for their home? The aim is to guide the consumer, who has little prior knowledge, through the orientation process in the best possible manner when planning to make a significant investment. On the other end, the process for installers also needed to be optimized. A huge bottle-neck in the process was the limited availability of installers. By providing them with more information and context, they are able to better assess and follow up on the lead, which shortens wait periods and ensures the right solution will be provided for each individual customer.

Launching the “Woonscan”
The central platform in the digital b2c experience is the Daikin Woonscan. With this scan, Daikin helps consumers in the first step towards creating a comfortable home. The user receives a fully automated tailor-made climate, automated advice by a weighted questionnaire aimed at a range of topics such as desired savings, living climate requirements, and housing specifications. For the installer this means a richer lead, a greater chance of success, and a significant decrease in cost-to-serve. By a multidisciplinary approach, the platform is designed by our visual and UX designers and developed by our front and backend developers. We also provided support with writing the copy and visual creation.

A transformed customer experience

By transforming the b2c customer journey and implementing a stand-alone platform, both the needs of the end-user and installer are met:

The consumer immediately receives tailor-made, clearly explained advice, can educate himself further and make an appointment with an installer in the area right away.

50.000 personalised recommendations given and counting.

The installer is presented with a complete data toolkit to provide his potential customer with a suitable proposal.

Gaining momentum towards the North Star

With a solid digital service foundation, the project is reaching the next phase: implementing The everyday luxury of an ideal climate in your home across all EMEA digital platforms.

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Philip Kok (CEO)


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