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Great British Chefs Creating a platform for food lovers everywhere

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Great British Chefs has the ambition to be the number one digital platform for food lovers. With professional chefs as the central point of focus GBC aims to be the international go-to destination for foodies searching for recipe inspiration, cooking guides and in-depth features on the world of food, drink, cooking and chefs.

The start of a partnership with North Star

We created a North Star to bring the vision come to life. A digital podium for great British chefs and a rich, interactive destination for any food lover. A blend of public and premium content, shopping and live events for a complete cooking experience you will return for. The beginning of a new partnership.

1. New platform build

“Lift-and-shift” of the current website to Umbraco CMS 
The collaboration started with the clients’ immediate request to create a solid and reliable back-end foundation to build further upon.

Improving the mobile UI and general performance for the user
Improvements to the experience were made for relatively quick wins, especially regarding (mobile) UI and technical performance. The steps defined focus on actionability, perception of speed, readability, navigation, and (chef’s) content presentation.

2. Future digital experience

Based on the insight that customers want deeper, richer, more interactive content instead of an organized set of recipes, we defined and showed what a future digital experience could be for a food lover with GBC and how it can be monetised in a friendly way.

Brand expression uplift
Inspired by the editorial look of a selection of cookbooks and food magazines, the focus is on using the full potential of the current brand components. Rich typography and layouts invite users to dive deeper and give space to beautiful photography and video content.

A food lover’s interactive destination
To really engage the GBC audience throughout the whole journey, from recipe searching to cooking and sharing the tasteful dish created with the world, we proposed an interactive, community-based platform including:

An international culinary digital destination

  • Enriched chef’s profiles for an editorial experience
    As the source of inspiration for every amateur cook, there is a rich palette of information about the professional chefs, their work and their vision available

  • A responsive platform, adapting to the food lover’s context, at home or on the go
    Food lovers are always hunting for the best recipes, whether it's for an everyday meal or something special for dinner with friends.

  • A delightful recipe experience including full-recipe overviews and cooking mode
    When starting to cook, the recipe and instructions should be visible at all times. Even when you have sticky fingers and cannot properly touch the screen!

  • Recipe curation functionality with the collection-making and sharing option
    Once the dish is ready to be served, how lovely is it to share it directly with the GBC community. Also, recipes can be stored in collections, ready to share as well.

  • Product shopping functionality
    In urgent need of a piece of kitchen equipment your favourite chef recommends? It can be bought directly via the shopping experience.

A podium for great chefs

A delightful cooking experience

A food lover’s destination

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