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GVB Spreading the way we work

Consultancy & Coaching CX strategy

The GVB (public transport operator of Amsterdam) has to perform in an extremely competitive environment. Like all parties in the public transport, it constantly has to prove its quality and efficiency to get and keep the business.

Agile moving forward

Fortunately, it suits the GVB to keep moving forward. They asked us to coach their IT and FB departments in Agile thinking as well as the accompanying working methods. The aim: more agility and greater internal and external customer satisfaction.

Coaching agile, the agile way

At The Valley, we're used to working Agile. Our designers and developers have mastered it and even developed it further to fit our needs. That way, we do not hesitate to say, we've created our own, improved Agile way of working. And we are not shy to share what we’ve learned. Especially when it comes to our clients.

The GVB allowed us to transfer our knowledge to 11 teams of approximately 10 people in a one-year coaching process. Even the project itself was carried out in an agile manner. By boarding 2 to 4 teams simultaneously we kept learning about the role of Agile at the GVB. With that info we continuously optimized our coaching.

Over the year all teams have received the insights and resources to apply our Agile way of working. A lot of attention went into mutual communication. Team purpose, making clear what the role of the team is within a larger CFP. In addition, we helped streamline processes in order to move from strategic pillars at management level to epics on the backlog of a team. Everyone works together towards the same goal and understands why that is the goal.


Our knowledge in the Agile way of working can also be implemented through working with our experienced people. In the case of the GVB, we temporarily fulfilled the role of interim Scrum Master and interim Product Owner.


The Agile Way of working changed some essential processes. People stay committed on their tasks instead of continuously switching between multiple projects /tasks. Stakeholders are involved from start to finish, they know exactly what teams are doing. For the entire GVB it is evident what the IT & FB teams are doing and how this forms a symbiose.