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Agile & Scrum

In The Valley, collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. When we talk about how we approach projects and having all sorts of expertise under one roof, part of that means ensuring seamless teamwork. That’s why our teams work fully agile and make the perfect scrum partner for your digital projects.

Communication is key

It all boils down to good communication, both within the team and with our partners. Having our teams work with scrum methodology lets us shift gears during the process and makes sure issues are nipped in the bud. By incorporating agile and scrum into our day-to-day, we make sure our teams deliver fast and efficiently.  Our sprints generally take around two weeks, which means that every two weeks we can open a new chapter and decide what needs to happen next.

Flexible by design

By working with agile and scrum, we can quickly adapt to your needs and wishes.  We can change directions when something pops up and it gives our teams the opportunity to prioritize different aspects and solutions at different times. It also allows for constant feedback loops and draws our clients into part of the creation process. At the end of the day, we all form one team working towards a shared goal. 

Not only does working this way give you as the client more flexibility in priorities, it also gives us room to switch gears in the team setup. Let’s say we realize a project could benefit from pulling in more resources; no problem.