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Brand Identity

The striking red colour with iconic white lettering, the graceful orange lion, or the energetic white swoosh. Even without seeing the brand names, it's hard not to think about Coca-Cola, ING, and Nike. These distinctive assets are all part of strong brand identities that have shown remarkable consistency in their CX journeys over the years.

A distinctive Brand Identity

A brand identity is a collection of your most important visual components (logo, typography, colour palettes, photography, etc.) that identify and distinguish the brand in consumers' minds. Therefore, an identity must be consistent, memorable, and stand out. If these boxes are checked, it helps brands be more recognizable and trustworthy to consumers and distinguish themself from competitors within the category.

Brand focus as a foundation

So, a brand identity is essential for a brand's success. The first step is to agree on the brand positioning. Using our BrandFocus method combined with an analysis of the competition and category, we'll know what kind of brand strategy you need, and which (additional) communication assets will be required. To more we can build on existing assets, the better.

Brand consistency is key

Our designers will capture all requirements in a visual and verbal language that communicates one message. Guidelines on how to use the brand identity of the brand correctly are worked out in detail in a (digital) brand book so that everyone within the company can speak with the same tone of voice and one visual style.

Guiding your Brand through the (CX) Journey

A brand identity helps you become a recognizable and influential brand. It guides Dille & Kamille to wave their non-advertising voice in everything they do. It allows Quin to become more human as a digital brand and Nike to be motivational (Just Do It) on every level. At The Valley, we build those identities. They will run like a red thread throughout the CX journey and enable your brand to build a sustainable relationship with customers.

Like to know more about taking your Brand Identity to the next level? We love to hear from you.

Philip Kok (CEO)


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