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User Experience design

When growing a business there are many aspects to consider. Are you starting small, maybe building your company from the ground up? Or are you part of a large organization whose structures and teams already operate autonomously? Is the goal to have more loyal customers, or do you want people to recommend your services to others? The team of UX designers in The Valley can adapt to create, expand or improve your User Experience. Depending on your business needs and growth desires, there are a lot of options when it comes to implementing our UX expertise.

Two sides of the same coin

The solution for business growth is always related to your customer. Whether it has to do with selling more products, or improving your customer relations, UX and service design go hand in hand when making strides forwards. By looking at the goals from both a business perspective as well as the customer necessary to achieve those goals, we never lose sight of what’s important. We design for every step in the journey and orchestrate everything in order to flow together smoothly. This can range from wireframes and prototyping, to facilitating creative sessions, context mapping and responsive design.

Translating ideas from paper to reality

More often than not, businesses may have an idea as to what they want to achieve but not the path to get there. The exciting thing about UX is the possibility to establish those ideals into tangible things. Our UX designers manifest your wishes and needs by guiding you from a small idea to bringing it to life. We do this by utilizing all the expertise within our team, which stems from servicing a plethora of different types of clients. This varies from retail to inclusive design, and our teamwork engages insightful cross collaboration that can benefit your business in ways you may not have even thought of yet.

Mi casa es
su casa

What makes The Valley unique is how we make the best possible use of our UX designers skills in order to meet our clients needs. We always have multidisciplinary projects in the agency, but we also embed our UX designers externally to create a new team or support an existing one by joining forces. This can happen under our roof, or our designers will come to you. For instance; we might have a team of UX designers, visual designers and developers working on Nike in The Valley, whilst some of our colleagues work fulltime on location in teams at ING and Carnext. Outsourcing UX designers can help elevate your team and bring new perspectives and expertise, allowing your own team to learn and grow.

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Philip Kok (CEO)


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