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Bijenkorf Belgium A physical brand in a digital landscape

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Everyone in the Netherlands has experienced the magic of visiting the most distinguished department store in our country. Nearly every Netherlander has enjoyed the magical shop windows and the impressively designed shops. Often as a child, full of wonder and with an open mouth. A fond memory that lasts a life time.

De Bijenkorf, a magical brand

In Belgium de Bijenkorf is not that kind of a cultural phenomenon, lacking the physical department stores. Some might have visited a Dutch branch once, but that’s probably it. Above all, in Belgium de Bijenkorf is a web store, and not the only one. That is precisely why a distinctive brand is of the utmost importance.


In Belgium people haven't experienced the emotion visiting de Bijenkorf, or looking at the beautifully decorated shop windows. However... this doesnot mean that de Bijenkorf doesn’t deliver emotional moments. You don't order just anything at de Bijenkorf. De Bijenkorf is the store of true cu-rated beauty, of the special, of the personal, of innovative design and deli-cate taste. As soon as a package from de Bijenkorf is delivered to your home, a little bit of that special Bijenkorf magic arrives with it.

The enchantment

Each of the four commercials are crafted to capture a simple moment thatis transformed into a magical experience when de Bijenkorf (in the shape of the delivery box) arrives. Emphasis is put on the love of style and the feeling that de Bijenkorf evokes. That way, the films stay true to what de Bijenkorf represents: beauty coupled with stylish quality and a magical touch.


The first results are extremely positive with consumer test groups reactingwith genuine interest and approval. The campaign scores well above the benchmark with a clear high brand fit and brand appreciation. The result of the distinguished and distinctive tone of the commercials, worthy of de Bijenkorf.

Beautiful and stylish, radiating warmth