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Dille & Kamille How do you advertise a brand that's not really keen on advertising?

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The 'Dingen die ertoe doen' (Things That Matter) platform, developed by The Valley, manifests Dille & Kamille's sustainable products as a personality.

With 41 stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany, Dille & Kamille has become a cherished destination for a large group of fans. The iconic tote bag has become an indispensable part of any street scene. The family business was founded in 1974 by Freek Kamerling as a counter to the throwaway society. 'Natural simplicity' was his philosophy because a qualitative, simple life offers solutions to many problems that we as a society have to deal with.

This sustainable philosophy resulted in a growing brand for things that make life more beautiful. Yet, the brand awareness of Dille & Kamille was still limited (founder Freek Kamerling did not really believe in advertising). But to impact those social problems and achieve Freek's mission, his ideas must reach a wider audience. No one will know who you are if you don't tell your story.

Sustainable through Simplicity and Quality
The primary objective is to increase brand and proposition awareness. And with that, the impact on society. We have helped Dille & Kamille to capture its vision and ideas in a precise positioning. A standpoint that shouldn't become 'activistic' or 'green' because with more simplicity, quality, and inspiration in everyday life, sustainability is very accessible.

So, how can we share sustainable ideas without becoming activists? By showing people that almost every day is a sum of beautiful moments that make life more fun if you experience them more consciously. Dille & Kille contributes to the moments that matter and helps with choices that matter. That is what Dille & Kamille's "Things that Matter" is about. 

Concept of natural simplicity
Within the communication platform 'Things that matter', we have developed a launch campaign that makes the world a little more fun. For consumers unfamiliar with Dille & Kamille, the first experience should feel like a first store visit. In the campaign, we have therefore made the iconic products personal, each with its own character, emotions and story. With one product we address sustainability, the other is about love for things or natural materials, timelessness or a unique everyday situation. Together, these products tell the story of Dille & Kamille.

A moment of serenity
The campaign draws attention but must also, in line with Freek's philosophy, make life more fun and make people live more consciously. The campaign had to fit the customer experience of Dille & Kamille and offer people a moment of serenity within a busy environment or noisy commercial break. Copy plays a vital role in the assets, including the recognizable Dille & Kamille illustrations: simple, straightforward, with plenty of room for stimulation and fantasy. A campaign that suits a brand with full attention to the things that matter.

Read more about "Things That Matter" on the Dille & Kamille website [Dutch] and our launching press release [EN].