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Hertog Jan Proeftuin What are the key ingredients to a successful Direct-to-Consumer subscription platform?

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A special beer subscription

The world of specialty beer is so extensive that beer experiences often tend to be slightly underwhelming. At Hertog Jan everything happens 'Out of Love for Beer'. Therefore, we believe that every experience should feel like an occasion in itself. The challenge: Develop a digital Direct to consumer (D2C) subscription service that changes the way beer-lovers access their favorite beers.

A recurring purchase for fans

Successful D2C subscriptions consist of three parts:

  • The Product: Subscription Strategy
    In their digital subscription research, McKinsey distinguishes three variants: Subscriptions for Curation (surprise), for Replacement (save time and money), or for Access (gain exclusive access). For Hertog Jan, the emphasis is on curation by our brewers. Under the concept name "De Proeftuin," beer enthusiasts receive an experimental beer every quarter. This can be any kind of beer, as long as the brewers believe it’s something beer lovers have to try.


  • The Platform: A Digital D2C environment
    We designed a platform within Hertog Jan's existing digital environment. Beer lovers can order their Proeftuin subscription through an integrated Shopify environment. This plugin allows customers to choose if they want to pay every year or every quarter. The focus is on the Proeftuin package, but members can supplement it with replacement packages of the standard range as well, such as Grand Prestige.


  • The Content: An engagement program
    The primary content of this subscription is the beers, of course. However, on top of the beers, we designed the customer journey to make members feel included in the whole brewing process, as though they have access to our brewers’ exclusive diary and stand next to them at the Hertog Jan Brewery. This journey includes informative emails, inspiring digital (video) content, and exclusive tasting invitations.

A subscription as business proposition

‘De Proeftuin’ allows Hertog Jan to show their craftsmanship and delight drinkers with new and exciting beers. On a business level, the platform offers Hertog Jan the opportunity to build a new revenue stream, gather first party client data, and indirectly finance and improve innovation. De Proeftuin is a successful new product that changes the way people experience specialty beers.

A unique subscription service for curated beers from the Hertog Jan brewers


exciting beer experiments per year

to build innovation together with our fans

An interactive experience that makes every beer an occasion