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Bijenkorf Anniversary TVC and CX Infusion

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Crafting timeless luxury: Step into a world of opulence and elegance as we unveil the remarkable journey of De Bijenkorf, the Netherlands' preeminent luxury retailer, through their 150th-anniversary Television Commercial (TVC). This case study unveils how De Bijenkorf's anniversary TVC seamlessly integrates Customer Experience (CX) and brand identity, manifest a harmonious blend of offline and online interactions that define luxury.

The Challenge

De Bijenkorf embarked on the extraordinary challenge of commemorating 150 years of legacy while celebrating their commitment to luxury and CX excellence.


An Ode to CX and Brand Identity: De Bijenkorf's anniversary TVC is a masterpiece that captures the essence of both luxury and CX:

  • Tailor-Made Music: The TVC's bespoke musical composition resonates with De Bijenkorf's identity, enveloping viewers in an auditory experience that evokes luxury and elegance.
  • Visual Luxury: The TVC captures De Bijenkorf's retail outlets—a world of refined aesthetics and sophistication—translating the allure of luxury into an audiovisual journey.
  • Offline CX Brought to Life: Every frame of the TVC encapsulates the opulent offline CX, inviting viewers into the immersive in-store experience that defines De Bijenkorf.
  • Online Seamlessness: The TVC bridges the offline-online divide, ensuring that the luxury essence seamlessly extends to De Bijenkorf's digital platforms.

A CX-Infused Realization: De Bijenkorf's anniversary TVC is not just a film, it's a CX immersion:

  • Luxury Embodied: The TVC transports viewers into a realm of luxury, virtually immersing them in De Bijenkorf's iconic retail spaces, creating a sense of belonging.
  • Emotional Resonance: The fusion of music, visuals, and brand identity strikes an emotional chord, deepening De Bijenkorf's connection with its audience.
  • Brand Identity Radiates: The TVC is a mirror reflecting De Bijenkorf's brand identity—luxury, elegance, and unwavering CX commitment—across every scene.
  • Omnichannel Harmony: Seamlessly weaving offline and online, the TVC ensures a unified experience, consistently aligning with De Bijenkorf's luxury narrative.


De Bijenkorf's 150th-anniversary TVC is a testament to the art of crafting CX-infused brand narratives. By synchronizing music, visuals, and offline excellence, De Bijenkorf elevates its legacy to a transcendent level. In a world where luxury encompasses tangible and intangible experiences, De Bijenkorf's TVC exemplifies how a brand can elegantly infuse CX into every facet, creating a symphony resonating with viewers' hearts and embodying luxury in every frame