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Fokker Services The legend that keeps innovating

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Our relationship with Fokker Services goes back to the beginning of The Valley. A legendary aviation brand that is also a pioneer in innovation.

Involved from the very beginning

Fokker Services was one of the first in the aviation sector to see the benefits of digitizing their business processes. Fokker Services provides worldwide support dedicated to keep Fokker and other types of aircraft such as ATR, Boeing and Airbus safe in the air.


Every minute that a plane remains in a hanger costs money. Mechanics around the world are working nonstop on repairs and replacing numerous parts. Getting the right parts in the right hands rapidly is essential. Together, The Valley And Fokker Services developed the digitization of the ordering process, to bring effortless ordering with an absolute minimal delivered time. Other logistics processes have also been streamlined, paperwork is reduced, manuals and quotes are digitally processed. Ordering, assembling maintenance packages and forecasting have been considerably simplified and require less manpower.

The Valley’s task is not limited to designing, building and maintaining the digital service, but also in keeping it running seamlessly 24/7.

...And the innovation goes on

Together with The Valley, Fokker Services has developed two new initiatives: The ModStore for modifications: improvements to aircrafts and components. By bringing the modifications of all providers together in this market place and helping with the complicated certification process, Fokker Services offers a unique new service.

AirlinesForAirlines is an initiative whereby the smaller airlines can help each other with parts, knowledge and manpower.


Greater reliability, faster delivery, improved efficiency, decreased man hours and improved accuracy. The problems of Fokker Services’ clients are solved faster and thus the continuity of their business has improved. In doing so we also build on the total brand. That through service (experience), Fokker Services is your partner in keeping your airplanes where they belong, the sky.