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Hertog Jan Vatgerijpt 2020 Geduld is een schone taak

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Grand Prestige of Hertog Jan is one of the few beers that improves when you age it. The taste develops beautifully, while stored.

The challenge

Every year the passionate brewers of this crown jewel create the award winning phenomenon Vatgerijpt: a limited-edition taste adventure, for brewers and beer lovers, and an integral part of Hertog Jans communication. For the fourth edition, the Grand Prestige has matured for nine months in barrels from four Scottish whiskey regions. A new variant that requires a new story.

The approach

As with Grand Prestige ‘time and nature’ are also very important factor for the craft of whisky. Those similarities are reflected in the final product of Vatgerijpt 2020. The making process requires patience of saint, but ultimately delivers a wonderful result to take the time for. An experience that is difficult to capture, but not impossible taking the impressive landscape of the Scottish Highlands, Lowlands, Islay and Speyside. The four famous whiskey regions are each characterized by a unique landscape. You can immediately taste the outspoken characters in the four variants of the beer. In line with this, we captured a “taste” of each region in high-quality video and photography, which were central around the launch. ‘Geduld is een schone taak’ explains the concept of time and taste. It immerses beer aficionados in inherent taste and breath-taking beauty of Scotland. For those who want to know all about the roots of this edition, we packaged the story in a beautiful crafted magazine.

The outcome

Accompanied by successful teasers, the brewers’ fourth taste adventure has been proudly launched. The limited edition of 20,000 beers completely sold out in a record time of 30 minutes and the last 10,000 beers have been bought during the completely sold out brewery tour.