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KPN for Business Improving the customer experience for companies relocating their business.

CX strategy

KPN is a leading provider of telecommunications and IT services and the market leader in the Netherlands. With their fixed and mobile networks for telephony, data, and television, they serve domestic and international customers. KPN for Business caters business users, ranging from small to large enterprises.

CX conversion optimization across touchpoints

Moving from one office to another is an inherently stressful experience for any company. When the moving boxes pile up against the wall, and numerous tasks demand attention, arranging the internet connection for the new office often becomes the last thing you want to deal with.

For this reason, Dutch telecom provider KPN reached out to The Valley to help optimize their customer experience around KPN EEN for companies relocating their office. The goal is to reduce loss of conversion across all touchpoints so (potential) clients choose KPN and existing clients move their KPN solution with them. Additionally, their ambition is to bring the KPN experience to a level that matches today's customer expectations and serves as a unified goal across all departments within the organization.

CX Assessment leading up to CX North-Star

The first step towards creating this shared vision was to collect insights from the current customer journey of companies relocating their offices. The team therefore carried out a CX Assessment, an effective tool that quickly uncovers pain points and provides precise observations. A seamless 'moving journey' is essential for KPN since relocating someone's company is usually a moment to reevaluate the network connection. Analyzing the experience end-to-end shined a light on a few fundamental challenges and will help KPN to attract (potential) customers and, on the other hand, retain existing ones. Since this journey taps into almost every department of KPN, this assessment also functioned as a blueprint for future assessments of other CX journeys at KPN.

During the CX Assessment, we conducted several co-creation sessions with all relevant stakeholders of the KPN team to map the customer experience. This journey focuses on companies relocating their offices and starts from the moment they know they might relocate their office until they are fully operational at the new location. This way we identified customer decisions, information needs, pain points, and KPN systems involved in the journey's different phases. Additionally, we performed an end-to-end touchpoint analysis and shadowed call-center employees to evaluate the synergy between current touchpoints, the product experience and the service level customers' experience with KPN.

The insights gathered in the CX Assessment were utilized to create a CX North-Star, an inspiring vision for the ideal customer experience. We visualized the most critical touchpoints, showcasing how they work together to create an immersive experience for (potential) clients of KPN. The North-Star provides the business with a clear goal in the form of a conceptual design and serves as a roadmap that can be progressively built upon step-by-step.

Action plan for CX Transformation

After two months of research and interviews, the CX Assessment and North-Star revealed several valuable insights and conclusions for KPN. Apart from several technical challenges the main insight concerned something we’ve seen more often in large corporations like KPN. Despite everyone at KPN striving for an optimal customer experience. The assessment revealed that KPN teams work in parallel, often by the existing system architecture, rather than integrated, resulting in insufficient communication. This issue manifested in two side effects. First, information on products and services was inconsistent across various touchpoints throughout the customer journey. Secondly, customer data was spread across different KPN systems, so relevant stakeholders had only access to a piece of the necessary data and needed help to live up to the level of service required. The assessment highlighted the critical necessity of a CX Transformation across all channels, touchpoints, and departments.

The next step: introducing the CX-Lead

To drive transformation forward towards a more integrated CX, the first step was the appointment of a CX-Lead who takes ownership of the process and has the authority to oversee cross-departmental projects such as customer journey mapping, optimization, and design. This CX-Lead is the initial step towards fostering a more customer-centric culture within the organization and implementing the North-Star. The CX-Lead ensures more optimal collaboration between departments and alignment on the needs of the customer to achieve a consistent customer experience across all touchpoints.

The CX Assessment serves as a catalyst for change at KPN. It highlights the importance of a customer-centric approach across the entire organization by identifying challenges, providing actionable recommendations for a single journey, and creating its corresponding CX vision. However, the insights, way of working, and next steps can be generalized across all KPN EEN’s journeys, and therefore this project set the stage for a successful CX Transformation. Stay tuned for updates on our progress with KPN as we continue to enhance their customer experiences.

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