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Unleash Business Growth with Our CX Assessment.

Elevating the customer experience throughout your entire organization can be a complex and challenging process. Daily business operations and department-specific KPIs can quickly become obstacles to a seamless customer experience. Sound familiar?

Working towards a seamless customer experience

The CX assessment services involve mapping out all the processes, needs, and perceptions of the consumer or partners to provide a complete overview of the customer journey. This helps our clients build intimate relationships with their customers and achieve their desired outcomes.

When many stakeholders and departments are involved, a comprehensive customer journey overview becomes even more valuable. Our CX assessment provides insights and concrete advice to streamline operations and create a seamless customer experience.

The true value of the CX assessment.

Unlock growth opportunities: Uncover untapped potential and growth opportunities within your customer journey. Identify areas where you can innovate, add value, or expand your offerings to meet evolving customer expectations and market trends.

In short:

  • The CX assessment helps identify the barriers consumers face when interacting with your brand. The assessment analyzes the journey end-to-end so this may include barriers to communication, product quality, or support services that don't meet their expectations.
  • By focusing on the consumer, your brand can tailor its offerings to their specific needs to improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.
  • The CX assessment process involves all internal and external stakeholders, with influence on different parts of the journey. By involving everyone, your organization can ensure it has the necessary resources and support to implement changes and improvements.

Keen to learn more?

Learn more about how we approached CX assessments for Hertog Jan where all touchpoints are living and breathing the emotional involvement level of beer fans, enabling them to truly enjoy the Grand Prestige Vatgerijpt experience as it should be. With Daikin we created the "Woonscan", because the CX-Assessment clearly identified the need of consumers to help them guide and educate in sustainable climate control at home. 

Ready to transform your customer experience? Connect with us to explore your CX potential and chat about the opportunities for your organization. 

Or read about initiatives from the CX assessments, such as the Daikin Woonscan or Hertog Jan Proeftuin

Contact us to discuss your CX challenges and more importantly, solutions.

Philip Kok (CEO)


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