De Bijenkorf

Celebrating 150 years of the icon in fashion and style

The challenge

Capturing both the magic and fashion sensibility of de Bijenkorf on any given day is a daunting challenge. Achieving that while acknowledging and celebrating their 150 year contribution to Dutch culture is an honor and an immense responsibility. It would need to be done in such a way as to highlight its present as a curator of fashion and lifestyle, avoiding self congratulations or indulgently looking back.

The approach

De Bijenkorf is a place where everyone everyone can feel individually special. Where time for you slows and everything revolves around you regardless of whether or not you make a purchase. It is an intensely sense based magic, that the captivating powers of film lends itself well to sharing. However you can not smell, taste or touch a film, so we would need a way to trigger those senses while keeping the experience in the magical and away from the day to day. For this we crated an abstract journey through the key pillars of de Bijenkorf.

The outcome

The film is a theatrical experience in storytelling and art direction, where our central character is pulled from real world shop street, through the enchanted “etalage” into a magical backstage. As though she is between the walls of this beautiful department store, she races and wanders through an experience driven by style. Fashion, cosmetics, design and food are destinations she passes before arriving, transformed, at the top of this 150 year old icon with the city sketched out before her. Due to the lockdown and ongoing pandemic struggles this film received only one flight on TV, with more planned for next year. We will update this cases as the full results are available. 

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De Bijenkorf has a magical effect on people. For the “150 Years Special” campaign, The Valley has translated that feeling into a modern fairy tale. – Inge Konings, campaign manager de Bijenkorf.

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