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Marketing automation

Our sister agency Penfield Digital is specialized in helping companies create a better connection with their customers by utilizing the Salesforce stack. By integrating Salesforce, companies can gain a comprehensive 360 view of their customers and engage with them in a more personalized, effective manner.

Marketing Automation
Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides robust marketing automation capabilities that enable companies to personalize and optimize the customer journey. With features like email marketing, social media advertising, and SMS, companies can reach customers at the right time, on the right channel, and with the right message. By utilizing these tools, companies can create highly targeted, personalized campaigns that drive engagement and conversion.

Sales Cloud provides a centralized view of customer data, allowing companies to manage customer interactions, sales processes, and sales performance. With this data, companies can get a better understanding of their customer's needs and preferences, and use that information to create targeted, personalized experiences. For example, sales teams can use the information to provide relevant product recommendations, offer personalized discounts, and prioritize high-value customers.

Service Processing
Service Cloud provides companies with a unified platform for customer service and support, allowing them to manage customer interactions and support requests from a single platform. This enables companies to resolve customer issues quickly and effectively, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. With features like omnichannel support and AI-powered case routing, companies can provide personalized support experiences that meet the needs of their customers.

Digital 360
By integrating these three platforms, companies can create a 360-degree view of their customers, which can help drive better customer engagement and satisfaction. For example, data from customers’ interactions on social media can be used to personalize the email marketing they receive, while data from their support requests can be used to inform their sales experience.