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Email Marketing

How often do you communicate with your customers through email? How do you keep track of your emails' effectiveness? And how many potential customers have you converted by saying the right thing at the right time? Email may seem self-explanatory, but it is an essential medium within a customer journey and a powerful communication tool that a brand can easily bet on.

Always on time

With nearly four billion daily users, email allows you to connect with people directly, right in their inbox, and when it’s convenient for them. By combining the correct strategy, tools, and messaging, email can quickly become an impactful marketing channel. In The Valley, email is an integral part of our services. We help clients that specifically come to us develop or structure their email communication, like Goede Doelen Loterij. Still, we also provide email as a service within a more extensive campaign framework, such as with Hertog Jan. There are many possibilities and variables to consider when planning an email campaign. That’s why we have a team of specialists who know email marketing like the back of their hand. They will advise you and make sure that every journey is thought-out and that your customers get the right email at the right time.

Whatever you need

Our email team consists of experts who have honed their craft and can help optimize your 1-on-1 customer communication. All specialists when it comes to building automation flows, designing and developing emails, managing your campaigns and monitoring your deliverability and reputation. Because email is well vested within The Valley our designers, creatives and strategists are well capable of integrating it in their digital client journeys.

Platform agnostic

We call ourselves platform agnostic, which essentially means that we can work with whatever service provider you choose. We provide strategic consultancy, workshops, and any kind of technical support you may need to optimize your flows, alongside simple solutions to more specific issues. All to make email a powerful asset within your marketing mix.