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CX Framework

The objective is always leading. To secure ROI, loyalty, and business growth, The Valley delivers end-to-end solutions based on our CX framework. That’s why we prefer an integrated way of working, creating solid synergy between branding, user experience and service.

A systematic approach for transforming your CX.

Transforming the customer experience (CX) isn’t about playing hard and fast. To succeed in the long game, companies need to manage it systematically. That’s why our CX framework guides our clients in a clear-step approach towards a consistent end-to-end customer experience.

Discover, Design, Deliver, three steps to making CX core to the organization.

This three-step plan can help companies effectively integrate customer experience in the commercial organization and operating model:

The CX Discovery phase is all about laying out the foundation to realize your growth ambitions. Steps that we jointly conduct involve unveiling underlying consumer motivations, conducting design research and generating Insights to compile a North Star vision and drive innovation. 

Moving into the CX Design phase means we will be translating the formulated principles into an actionable CX blueprint. As we know it's crucial to make ideas tangible as early as possible, testing and iterating solutions with the MVP in mind is a big focus of the expert CX teams. 

Bringing the MVP to life is what we’re all about during the CX Delivery phase. Rather than launching it at full scale, as traditional CX teams often do, we’ll be bringing your redesigned organization to life through systematic change management and an effective day-to-day operating model.

Interested in applying the CX Framework to your organization? We love to hear from you.

Philip Kok (CEO)


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