News - 19.09.2016

Bergman Clinics launches new campaign

Bergman Clinics offers high-quality medical procedures that are usually reimbursed under the basic health insurance package.

However, Bergman Clinics were not always considered an option when it came to choosing a healthcare provider. After an initial branding campaign by Business Openers, The Valley was asked to fix this problem.

A broad campaign including print, online and radio was designed to make people more aware of the choices they have. Sometimes a hospital is the best place for the treatment you need, but sometimes one of Bergman Clinics’ focus clinics is the best option. The website gives the right details for further online orientation. The aim of the campaign is to make patients and doctors more aware of the seeveral treatments available at Bergman Clinics, and to actively consider choosing these. The partnership between Bergman Clinics and The Valley will not be limited to this campaign.

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