News - 12.04.2016

Savory rock in the new Sultana commercial

Does it always have to be sweet? Not always! Sometimes you just want something savory. That's why Sultana developed Sultana Crunchers.

Sultana biscuits in the flavours: Cheese & Tomato, Paprika and Italian Herbs. Just like all Sultanas, these savory snacks let you enjoy the moment. And this is exactly what happens in the commercial when a dad pulls out a package of Crunchers while watching his daughter's sugary sweet (pink tutus and all) ballet lesson. Next, following in the footsteps of the main characters in the previous Sultana commercials, he gets a bit too carried away. But hey, he really is a fan...

The fourth commercial in the 'Be happy' theme. This one was directed by René Nuijens with music by Boaz Kroon.

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