News - 19.04.2016

The Valley develops new website for Pameijer

Pameijer, a care and support organisation in Rotterdam, asked us to develop a new website.

The new website will be an environment that serves each of the organisation’s various target groups by means of a dedicated platform. Clients and their relatives can easily and directly find the kind of care and support they need. Referring agencies will immediately see which of Pameijer's services can help their clients. Municipal purchasing agents will be provided with all the information and transparency they need for the purchase of services. The Valley is developing and building the user experience, the design, and the back and front ends.

Marien Geense, Product Owner, Pameijer: 'For us, The Valley was the best choice. Like Pameijer, they are committed to achieving the highest possible standards of quality every day. We are therefore confident that our objectives will be realised to perfection.'

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