News - 22.07.2016

Pameijer puts visitor at the core of new website

Pameijer, a care and support organisation from Rotterdam, and The Valley have developed a new website for clients, associates and business visitors, such as local governments and employers.

For the development of the new website, the customer journey was used as the starting point. The innovations can mainly be found in the navigation structure, which is based on the “from searching to finding” principle.

Through strategic client sessions and workshops, the customer journeys of Pameijer’s various target groups were mapped out. It soon became clear that the various visitors of the website have significantly different information needs, that had to be addressed in different ways.

Pameijer is a leader in the care market. Together with The Valley, a solution was created that answers the visitors’ actual information need while also showing the organisation’s innovative character. Thanks to the agile way of working and the use of multidisciplinary teams, we ultimately created this beautiful, innovative website.

Jan Alblas, Manager at Pameijer: “For Pameijer, self-direction is an important core value. With our new website, visitors are truly in control. Customers and clients can easily navigate to the information that is relevant for them.”

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