News - 02.05.2016

The Valley creates the ‘Single Source of Truth’ for Sdu

Using Nominow, our own data management platform, we supplied Sdu with a central customer and subscriber database. This ‘Single Source of Truth’ makes it possible for Sdu to provide its customers, subscribers and individual users of their products with truly personalised and relevant content.

Sdu publishes specialised information for the legal, fiscal, government and management domains, and also offers training courses relevant to these domains. It operates in a competitive market in which each and every subscriber counts. The Valley worked with the Sdu team using an effective agile-scrum process to develop a central database. This database receives data from the Vista ERP system, the Data Warehouse, and the eDeal CRM system, creates a central marketing profile, and (after deduplicating and cleaning the data) feeds the relevant data back to these source systems.

Gerben Busch, Client Service Director at The Valley: 'The publishing sector that has rapidly become digitised in recent years. Having centralised insight in behaviour is crucial in order to provide your subscribers with good service. Having completed this project Sdu can now – regardless of the channel – offer real personalised added value based on their clients’ individual behaviour. We can't wait to integrate all that click behaviour from the Sdu websites and other digital channels.'”

Jeroen Kuerble, Chief Marketing Officer at Sdu: 'We spent a lot of time looking for the right solution that would finally give us a 360-degree customer view. Nominow proved to be the perfect solution. In The Valley, we found the right partner to help us with the implementation. The infrastructure is now ready to go, so in the next few months we will get a complete picture of our customers and prospects. The fun has only just begun!'

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