News - 04.02.2016

RealNext aims for best-in-class platform

RealNext chooses The Valley/rb2 for the development of its digital search platform.

After an intensive competition between several agencies, RealNext has chosen The Valley and rb2 to be its partners in the development of a new digital search platform. The platform will be created using the most advanced and scalable technology. It will be developed by means of a strategical roadmap, to become a best-in-class platform providing better visibility and a higher conversion rate for the B.O.G. Estate Agents connected with RealNext. 

Monique Blank, the business owner of RealNext: "We are entering into a partnership with The Valley and rb2 with great confidence. They have  given confidence that they can help us not only on the technological side but also strategically. Due to the smart input of data in the customer journey, 80 of the connected B.O.G. Estate Agents will be much better equipped to effectively follow-up the demand for appropriate business premises. So far, the cooperation has resulted in much positive energy within the team."

Gerben Busch, Client Service Director at The Valley: "We are pleased that RealNext has opted for us. The collaboration feels like a real partnership. Focusing on user experience and employing behavioural data we will provide potential and existing customers from the associated estate agents with an intuitive user experience. And based on a clear strategy our ambition is to create a new standard in the market." 


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